Lukens says that date and place of birth, work facts and education, and major achievements are the three essentials when writing a biography essay. For the work of literature to be successful, the dates of the events should be well presented starting from the dates of the events that took place first up to the latest. For instance, the listing of major achievements and education should be properly dated. As a teacher, I would make the biography to be captivating to the learners by giving the practical examples of daily encounters. The important responsibilities of a biographer include the one for history and the one for an individual. For the one of history, a biographer would portray the character and behavior of the subject primarily on historical environment and activities taking place during the subject’s lifetime. And for an individual, the biographer constructs a narrative in form of career or a phase in life of an individual.

The motives that may lead one to read about the lives of others include their financial status, popularity, educational level and other major achievements. Lukens’ remark that invention sometimes comprises the work of a biographer implies that the inventions come with new ideas that cannot be incorporated in the already written biography. In biographical fiction, invention can be evaluated by comparing how fictional narratives help in recreating elements on an individual and their current lifestyle. A biographical literature can be analyzed by tone, diction and style which means; by attitude of the writer, word choice and the way it is written. When Lukens said that biography can unify the account to make it coherent, he meant that biography balances an individual’s life to the life of the readers. The issue of didacticism can be pardoned in biography because it adds more pleasure and entertainment to the readers as they get inspired by the text.

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