Terms and Conditions

Our company, creative-writing.biz, would like to welcome you to our terms and conditions page. We’ve made this page so that you know how we work and provide you with our top services in creative writing, which you can depend on for your business or school papers. However, our company would like to invite you to read and understand our terms and conditions before you order from us.

  1. Our company, creative-writing.biz, can work on your creative writing assignments that include academic papers, books, and other writing assignments. On the other hand, meeting problems that involve delivery due to wrong email address, malfunctioning fax machines, and lack or no connection on the web can happen. If you meet these issues, call us and we will help you address it.
  2. You should know that before creative-writing.biz works on your order, payment should be made in full.
  3. Our creative writing services come with free revisions provided that you have sent us a written request through email about it. Making a request through email should not be beyond one week from your order’s completion.
  4. Our company use the formats MS Word 2003 0r 2007; other than those mentioned we do not offer file opening or file reading help. You should advice us if you want to use another format.
  5. As a customer, you should not communicate with anyone on our company using another email address other than that specified on this site. If you do, the Fraud department should investigate on you since it is considered fraud to contact someone here using another email address.
  6. You should use your order based from your discretion and that you should follow the rules and regulations of your institution, organization, and others.
  7. There are links on this site and their use should be your discretion.
  8. Our company creative-writing.biz outsources marketing and SEO services and what they do to promote us is not our discretion. You should report to us in case you think that you are violated.
  9. Our company posts video testimonials on this site as part of marketing. Those in the said videos are video actors. Their views are from real users but their expressions about us are not necessarily revealed on those videos.

If any questions should arise, you can contact creative-writing.biz anytime.