Creative Writing: Resume Ghostwriting

There are many forms of writing that you may not consider to be creative writing. Resume writing is one of these because the majority of job seekers think that a resume has to be a straight forward account of your education and work experience. Taking your time in writing a creative CV can make a world of difference in the calls you receive to come in for an interview or to do a telephone interview. It is best to leave this task to a creative resume writer such as those you will find at

Components of a creative writing resume

It is important to note that creative CV writing and creative resume writing are two different types of writing. A CV is much longer than a resume but in some parts of the world, such as Australia, the terms are used interchangeably. You should pay attention to details provided in the job posting to determine whether you have to send a CV or a resume.

Best creative resume writers at your service

In creative writing, resume and CV writers want to accomplish the same goal. The creative resume writer assigned to your order will be a person skilled in your field so that the proper terminology can be used throughout the document. You will have a chance to review first draft of your creative resume in advance and leave your feedback and comments. The main components that we include in creative writing, CV or resume are:

  1. Cover letter. A creative cover letter can WOW your prospective employer making him/her eager to read the rest of the resume. Employers are so accustomed to receiving the same types of cover letters than when they come across an applicant that has taken the time to ensure professional writing, a creative CV will certainly be noticed.
  2. Objective. Every resume or CV should have an objective – not just for the job but to provide a brief overview of your career goals.
  3. Professional experience. Employers are most interested in the skills you have that make you the perfect person to hire for this job.
  4. Achievements. These are areas in which you have excelled above and beyond what the duties of the position called for.

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